Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Day 12 Senaca Falls to Lyons

Monday 31st May
Daily mileage 27miles Average Speed 12.7mph Ride Time 2hr8min
Today we had an extremely lazy morning which set the pace for the rest of the day! We really took our time to get up and pack up as the tent and picnic bench were positioned in the shade and so it was tough to get going. We sat and enjoyed nutella bagels for breakfast with orange juice and grapes.
We finally got on the road about 11am and made it 5miles up the road into Seneca town where we came across the Women’s Rights Natural History Museum. This is where women set up the first Women’s convention to gain the right to vote and be seen as equal to men and was very interesting.
Outside we met a couple who were out on their recumbent cycles and after a short chat and a quick spin on their bikes we bumped into another couple Jessica and Pat who were also touring across the states and were keeping a similar route and timescale so we may bump into them again some time.
We cycled round the corner to Walmart to grab a cool drink then on the 414 north we set off until we had covered 20miles and arrived in Clyde. We stopped under a tree in the park as it was very hot for another cool drink. There was a power socket in the middle of the grass on a pole so we charged away.
The weather seemed to turn as we sat so we hopped back on and got 8 more miles west on route 31 which follows the eerie canal into Lyons. The rain started to fall as we cycled through a lightening storm when a man in a truck pulled over and opened his window to say that we could camp behind the fire station on the canal. I hope our luck doesn’t run out! We put the tent up as the rained stopped. Bob the fireman invited us in for a roast chicken dinner and chocolate pie.
As we sat watching tv in the fire house, charging everything up he bought us some hot fudge sundaes! We really need to put the foot to the metal tomorrow not only to get closer to Niagara but also to burn some calories!


  1. Great generousity... food, shelter and banter.

  2. You are still having great luck with hospitality! Yeah! It makes me happy that Americans are being generous, interested, and hopefully interesting. From the girl at the Owego campsite -hope to see you in 'da UP'!

  3. i'm with ya on the nutella, just got some in the industrial size from costco...lol...along with my industrial sized spoon...yum...
    i'm also with the girl from Owego campsite and the kindness of the people along your travels...it's soooo heartwarming...it's the core of what life is about :o)

  4. BBL
    Kris i thought that you were going to lose waight on this trip it looks like you have been eating more junk food than me lol. i hope that he is not pushing you to hard alison i know how he gets at running. good luck