Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 15 Lockport to Niagara Falls

Thursday 3rd June
Daily mileage 31miles Average Speed 10.9 mph Ride Time 2hr50min
Despite mossie attacks and a storm we managed near on 12 hours in the tent 8pm until 8am. We were up and packed and on the bikes within half an hour desperate to get to the market 3miles at the end of the road for the loo! We had a coffee in the car park then on the bikes with destination… Canada!
We basically cycled about 27miles without stopping. We only paused a couple of times to get directions as our map stopped at Niagara and the roads got busier and tougher nearer the town. We eventually made it to Rainbow Bridge which is no mans land between America and Canada and stood in the queue for customs with the falls just over to our left. Showed our passport with no problems we navigated our way along the main tourist stretch to find a hotel. We had researched a good one on trip advisor where we have a whirlpool bath in our room!
We checked in and were blown away with the clean, big, comfy, king size bed and bath and shower and tv and aircon and endless supply of free coffee and cookies. Yes, we have made it to checkpoint one in our heads. We bathed and went sightseeing over to the maid of the mist boat tour to the America and Canada Horseshoe falls. Wow, we got soaked and it was simply an amazing experience. Some 7 year old boy got washed over the 176ft high falls in 1960 and survived with no injuries, incredible.
We then walked to the behind the falls tour where we walked through tunnels that run behind the falls and just to the side. Again we got soaked but the experience was awesome. As we left, a huge storm came over again and we got even more soaked than before. We headed straight for the Casino to an all you can eat buffet and tucked in. We had a great view over the falls. Back to the hotel to chill for a while then we walked back out to photograph the falls by night with the light display. Today was a good day.


  1. so glad you two got a little comfort in during all your hard /exhilarating riding...even nicer to have caught a quick chat witchy'all
    MUCH LUV... KEEP THE FAITH ! peace :o)

  2. bbl

    Its good to see that you made it to the falls. no swimming kris as its a long way down lol

  3. Enjoy your luxury hotel. Well done on reaching checkpoint one , the photos are amazing. Sam

  4. Glad to see you made it to the falls. We are thinking of you everyday. Best of luck to you and enjoy your trip! We are envious!
    Dan & Cyndi