Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 14 Greece to Lockport

Wednesday 2nd June
Daily mileage 63miles Average Speed 11 .2mph Ride Time 5hr36min
A wake up call at 5.30am and breakfast at 6am. We were spoilt by any choice of breakfast we requested! We said our farewells and were on the road at 7am. Thanks so much for making our evening so comfortable and enjoyable… you are both too kind.
We followed the canal path intermittently while swapping the gravel path in some places for the faster road option. After 12miles we stopped in Brockport for a restroom break only then back on the road until we had clocked up 25 miles and had well earned a subway stop at Walmart.
At which point the wind came out of nowhere and hit us straight in the face! This made our lives hell for the remainder of the day and became almost more of a relentless challenge than the never ending hills. Heads down, music on and when we had covered 40 miles we parked up on the side of the canal in Medina and slept like babies for an hour.
The sun had started to go in and the clouds had started to cover as we climbed gingerly back on the bike and covered another 5 miles to Middleport, 5miles more to Gasport then finally another 5 miles into Lockport. By which point it had started to spit. We had began asking for directions to campgrounds, knocking on the doors of B&B’s and even calling hotels but they were either to expensive or closed.
Finally the lady at the tourist info pointed us in the direction of a campground and told us about the storm expected for tonight so a quick supermarket sweep and 5 miles later in the wrong direction… we had finished for the day. Set up camp, attempted a mossie ridden shower and settled for a splash under the cold water tap outside then bed… hurting. Sorry for the lack of photo but we its been hard work today and we are too tired to snap away!


  1. by the way, that was a Northern Water Snake you saw a few days ago.

  2. SWEEEEEET DREAMS my friends....plenty of photo ops tomorrow :o)

  3. Hello from New glad we were able to help you out. You've got Scott motivated again to do some touring. We are looking forward to our tandem trip up to Maine. Great work with the Blog. I know it must be a lot of work, but it's been great following you along. :o) Enjoy the adventure! Scott and Tiff