Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 24 Manitowaning to Little Current

Saturday 12th June
Daily mileage 23miles Average Speed 11.1mph Ride Time 2hr04min
Total Mileage 741

We had probably the worst thunder storm so far last night. Several hours of rain, wind and thunder and lightening right overhead was enough to keep us awake most of the night and provoked me to have a paddy in the night, something along the lines of I’ve had enough!
Thankfully the rain had stopped as we packed up the tent and made our way to the local coffee shop for a bagel breakfast. It was spitting with an Easterly wind whereas we were heading North today. So on our 23 mile ride this morning we stopped at High falls for a quick picture and 10 mile point lookout for another quick picture.

There was a long downhill into Little Current but we also climbed gradually for a lot of the way. On the long downhill we bypassed a man cycle touring in the opposite direction so we were gutted we were not able to stop and share stories. Basically because we wanted to utilise the downhill by free rolling as far as possible together with the fact our brakes don’t stop us while going down hill as the bikes are too heavy!

At little current we stopped and treated ourselves to a motel as Kris wanted to watch the USA v England match and I wanted a nice shower and a bed. Kris had a hair and beard trim with a lovely old gentleman who ran a barbers in the basement of a pub. He had to apologise due to his body odour and bugs in his beard! Feeling human again we had lunch, watched the game and slept sweetly, it feels nice to rest our legs with a short day.

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  1. wow ! kris and alison, y'all wash up real nice now
    :o) goooooooo USA !!!