Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 33 Diorite to Agate Falls

Monday 21st June
Daily mileage 65miles Average Speed 12.9mph Ride Time 5hr05min
Total Mileage 1189

As I nipped to the house at 5.30am to use their loo there was the most beautiful red sunrise with mist rising off the Boston lake it was almost worth staying up to watch but I was tired and it was chilly! We joined Cindy and Rod for a yummy pancake and home made maple syrup then was on our way by 9.30am. Thanks to you both for your kind hospitality! Rod showed us a short cut to get back on route m28 west, the same road still, and with a lovely SE wind we had clocked up 20 miles in no time. We passed through Champion where Kris was overjoyed as perhaps this town was named after him? With a couple of rest stops in scenic areas we took a lunch break at Covington after 35 miles.
Our plan was to make it to Bruce crossing a further 35miles up the road so we carried on plodding both feeling the 78 degree heat and the tiredness of a late night chatting with our hosts. We stopped at various rest areas and even managed a swing in a kids playground. As the sun gradually got covered by cloud the sky became darker and we were suddenly very aware that the rain that has been expected for a few days had finally reached us. So we found a secluded spot down by the river in the corner of a rest area and had a wash down in the river. We set up the tent on the edge of a bank so we are sleeping at a bit of an angle tonight.

As the rain got harder we watched a movie in the tent with no supper, we were only 6 miles away from our intended destination. If it was not for the weather and our tiredness we could actually cycle up to 9pm as it does not get dark here until 9.30pm. We saw a post delivery driver today, in a normal beaten up car with a light on top that was driving from the passenger seat and was leaning across to the steering wheel so that they were on the right side to throw the mail in the boxes on the roadside. Also we saw 2 bald headed eagles. We are in moose country and have had our eyes peeled all day on the dense forest either side of the road but not seen one yet. Does anyone know what advert the ’moose loose about this hoose’ come from?


  1. ’moose loose about this hoose’ ...i'll have to get back to ya...lol gorgeous photo's...keep on keepin' on !!!

  2. I think the advert was wine gums.

  3. We think it relates to the Scottish Whisky advert. Would love to know..... You both have had a good day. Great.
    Love Mum & Dad xx

  4. Hi Al & Kris

    I'm following your progress in awe. Don't know how Kris's gonads haven't worn away completely by now!

    As Sam said, it's the Maynards wine gum advert. Look on youtube at 'Bad Manners - hoots mon'

    lots of love

    Auntie Kay

    (p.s. - me and muvver are big fans of Mo!!)