Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 27 Algona Mills to Sault Ste Marie

Tuesday 15th June
Daily mileage 95miles Average Speed 14.1mph Ride Time 6hr45min
Total Mileage 926
Our longest ride so far and actually my longest ride ever! Today we had the sun, an easterly wind and a long straight road which makes for a nice long ride. We set off at 9am for a short 8 mile ride into Blind River for a subway breakfast and a supermarket sweep. Not long after leaving Kris noticed that my back wheel was wonky and sure enough Betty (my bike) was injured with a broken spoke with a long way to go until a bike shop! We continued on gingerly through Iron Bridge and Sowerby west on highway 17 until we reached Thessalon after 45 miles.
We came across a motel which was empty and had some picnic benches up near the road. We asked if we could sit to rest and eat our sandwich and tried to buy a can of pop and a coffee, when they thought we were only ordering one coffee they told us that we could not stay there so we told them to poke their coffee. After nearly a month here they were the rudest and least hospitable of the lot and we were really quite angry.
We travelled on until we reached Bruce Mines where we stopped in a café named Huron Horizons where we chatted with 3 lovely ladies that made us feel better by sharing equally nasty stories about the same motel. At least it was not just us they took a disliking to. We carried on past Desbarats to Echo Bay where we took the old highway 17b that was quieter than the new 4 lane section. We stopped here for another short break to attempt to get the feeling back in our bums then tackled the final 15 miles into Sault Ste Marie.

We had arranged to camp behind Andres Bike shop whom we met on warm showers. As we arrived we met Kerry who looks after the campers who showed us to the camp spot. There are 2 other tents here so we dined with Steve and Doug to enjoy a Walmart takeaway, shower then bed absolutely shattered and itching from ant and mossie bites.


  1. Great distance covered ,well done !

  2. well done to both of you 95miles has got to be a record.

    Love marge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Not for nothing,but 95 miles with a broken spoke is simply amazing! Guess you didn't find a fiberfix yet. Thanks for telling me about the setting change on the blog. Our bike went west today, we're not far behind. Keep the rubber side down.

  4. Well done Kris, Ali and Betty for achieving your best ride.


  5. Congratulations for your 95 miles!!

  6. 95 MiLeS kIckS BuTt...

  7. WOW that is really amazing! What an accomplishment. I love following your blogs and the pictures are outstanding. Keep up the pedal power. Helen in Florida