Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 39 Ashland to Cable

Sunday 27th June

Daily mileage 44miles Average Speed 10.7mph Ride Time 4hr08min
Total Mileage 1331

We managed to find a bar that was open at 9am on a Sunday to watch the very disappointing and frustrating England v Germany Soccer match, why an earth they don’t introduce goal line technology we shall never know! We joined Karl, Eric and Alex for a pancake breakfast before loading up the bikes and heading off at about 1pm. We were in no rush to leave the comfort of a home environment and thanks so much to Karl for taking us in and making us feel so welcome!
After a few miles we stopped at the Great Lakes Visitor Centre and I actually remember commenting that it felt comfortable to be back on the saddle again, now at the end of the day I realise that I may have been a bit premature in my verdict. We plodded and I mean plodded with no enthusiasm what so ever west into a headwind with sun shining in 95% humidity along highway 2 then south on highway 63.

We kept plodding for 20 miles where we stopped at Grand View for an ice cream and cookie lunch with power aid to wash it down! This supplied enough energy to tackle the rolling hills a further 20 miles to Cable having passed Drummond which consisted of a solitary gas station. In cable we had planned on grabbing a subway for dinner then camping at the next rest area by a river on the side of the highway as all the campgrounds were deep into the National Forests by lakes and would be expensive and not in our direction.

As we were leaving a man named Irvin overheard us asking about campgrounds and got chatting to us and offered us to stay in one of his empty cottages on lake Owen only 3.8miles in the wrong direction but it sounded beautiful and an offer we could not refuse. Actually after we had just accepted his kind offer, another lady pulled into the car park and asked us through the window where we were going etc and asked us to stay at her house and for the first time so far we had to kindly refuse her offer, amazing!
We followed Irv back to his house and was shown to our very own cottage that is just amazing and in breath taking scenery. Kris almost ran straight into the lake where the water was like a bath in comparison to lake superior. We met Duke and Tuckaberry the dogs and after a lovely shower we joined Irv for a gorgeous pasta and spicy sausage dinner with more ice cream and fresh fruit for afters. We ate looking out over the lake as the sun set, awesome.
We later retired to our cottage where we have a kitchen, lounge, bathroom, spare room and our bedroom overlooking the lake, it is hard to imagine just how perfect it is here, so much so we are considering another day off already!


  1. what a great day! You guys are truly blessed with good luck and the kindness of strangers. Keep giving off those positive vibes. Happy day! Helen

  2. Sounds the perfect day with good views, good food, good abode, good and great guests including the dogs. We hope the hospitality is maintained throughout the remainder of your trip. Take care xx

  3. yay...i say stay another day...

  4. It was very nice to meet you in the Cumberland campground!! It was nice to hear about England and your adventure!! Best Wish on your journey!!Tammy + Jack