Friday, 4 June 2010

Day 16 Niagara Falls, Canada

Friday 4th June
Our first day off… and really not a great deal to tell. We slept in, enjoyed breakfast and did not see a great deal other than the 4 walls of our hotel room. We slept lots, watched a movie with the exception of a quick trip out for dinner.
Unfortunately, we did have to get on the bikes to take a ride to CAA which is where we hoped to pick up some maps of Canada as currently we are without map. The trip there was on busy roads with nasty tarmac although we did manage to get maps they are not overly detailed so our route to Toronto took some additional planning on Google maps.
It was nice to rest our legs today but we have itchy feet to get back on the road. Also we are slightly concerned that it was nice weather today and its meant to rain all weekend. We understand its lovely weather back at home! Typical!


  1. Been good weather in Cornwall, but rain is forecast..