Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 28 Sault Ste Marie

Wednesday 16th June

Another rainy night but we managed a lie in as the bike shop did not open until 10am. We arranged for our bikes to get fixed, Kris’s needed new cables and sheathing while Betty needed the spoke replacing and the rear wheel truing. The bikes would not be ready until the afternoon so we had a Walmart coffee and English muffin breakfast which is where we met Chris.

We got chatting and he offered us to stay at his the night if we decided not to ride on today. As it continued to rain and approached 4pm when the bikes were ready we decided to take him up on his offer and made our way over to his house. We left beers and doughnuts to show our gratitude to the staff of Velorution who we can highly recommend. We met Chrissy his wife, and Mollie and Patch the dogs. Mollie the springer and Kris are now new best friends!

We enjoyed a lovely steak salad dinner before heading out to Gros Cap for a short hike up to the viewpoint overlooking Lake Superior from the North rim. We watched the sun setting then headed back to their beautiful home for ice cream and coffee! Their hospitality has been fantastic so thanks to you both for making our last day in Canada so great! And I want to especially thank you for making Kris’s sleeping bag smell fresh again!

We understand it will be a nice sunny day tomorrow and with a good nights sleep, clean clothes and a bug free tent we are looking forward to tomorrows ride back into the USA. I was cycling yesterday and I noticed a worm making its way up the left arm of my jacket. We saw approx 30 Canadian Geese flying in a perfect V and I hate the way wasps seem to chase me along the road side. I think Kris puts jam on my back to make me ride faster. It’s a toss up between wearing bright clothes to be seen by trucks and not wearing them to avoid the wasps!


  1. WoW...on all the photo's.this last one especially

  2. Wow..great pics Kris and Ali. We most enjoyed your company and unique stories. Chrissy and I wished you could have stayed longer. Hope you made great progress today as the weather was "spot-on". As I type this I could only imagine you enjoying another great sunset on Lake Superior...I think Molly misses you guys too! Have a wonderful trip and our hearts will always be with you! Cheers and please stay dry!!
    Chrissy & Chris in Sault Ste. Marie