Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Day 13 Lyons to Greece

Tuesday 1st June
Daily mileage 54miles Average Speed 11 mph Ride Time 4hr53min
Last night we had all sorts of noises from the Fire station Siren, traffic noise to a thunder and lightening storm. I slept through petty much all of it but Kris was up half the night. We made it out the tent by 7am for breakfast and wifi then on the road by 8am which is much better for us. However, it was still raining and seemed to be getting harder.
We only made it 5miles up the road when we had to pull into a Walmart to buy a high visibility jacket just so that we could be seen better. Unfortunately they only had and XL and it come down to my knees but at least I was safer. The rain started to ease as we came across roots hair and nail salon where I decided to stop and get warm, dry, free coffee and a hair cut! It was so nice to be pampered for 5mins as I had 4inches cut off! That should make things a little easier!
We carried on through Egypt on route 31 west to Rochester where we jumped on the Eerie canal path as was suggested by Paul and Jane many moons ago. This was a great decision as the path was smooth and traffic free. The sun came out and it seemed like a different day. The path did turn to fine gravel after a while but it was still preferable to the road. We stopped to rest at the side of the canal and had lunch while airing all our wet clothes and tent across the grass.
We stopped again to rest and refill the water at Spencerport when we met Dan and Cindy who were also cycling along the canal who invited us back to their house for the night. This was overwhelmingly generous and despite being 4miles back in the direction we have just cycled we jumped at the chance. With the wind behind us we all cycled back to their amazing A frame house set in the woods which is so quirky and filled with antique treasures and Indian Heritage based collectables.
Kris had chance to ice his hurting Achilles and we did some laundry. We had a lovely home cooked roast dinner with apple pie for pudding. We enjoyed their comfy sofa and interesting conversation. Thanks so much for everything and we shall also never give up.


  1. Look at that smile on your face Alison! We told you the canal towpath is the way to go across NY. You will be in Buffalo in no time now. Coming up is the only place where the canal is over a road,and on your right will be a unbelievable garden. And another night indoors,you two rock!

  2. YES !!! alison, that smiles say's it look great with your new both look like you're having an awesome time :o) peace babes