Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 26 Whitefish Falls to Algona Mills

Monday 14th June
Daily mileage 70miles Average Speed 12.50mph Ride Time 5hr34min
Total Mileage 831

Last night it rained a lot we stayed dry in the summerhouse but it had a tin roof so the sound was amplified! It sounded louder than those damn African Horns being used in the world cup! Anyway we made it through the night and joined Sheila and David for a lovely breakfast and made use of their shower. Thanks to you both for your kind hospitality. We finally made it on the road at 10am when it was still spitting and cool but it could have been worse.
We rode the first leg of today’s journal up some hills on highway 6 for 15 miles to Espanola where we used the internet in the public library then took a side road named Lee Valley Road to Massey. This road was paved for 90% of the way but the road condition in parts meant you had to constantly concentrate on avoiding the holes etc. With the wind behind us and the sun now gloriously shining we had clocked up 33 miles when we stopped in Massey for some lunch then determined to make use of the Easterly wind we put the pedal to the metal with a mere loo break until we hit Algona Hills some 35 miles later in under 2 hours! We did this in record time but this does not mean that our shoulders, legs and bums especially are not still in agony. We stopped here just for a cold pepsi and to be horizontal for a few minutes when we realised it backed onto the beautiful lake lauzon that had a swimming area and a campsite!

The kind owners Allan and Karen gave us a $5 dollar discount as we are cycling with the hope of raising money for cancer research… thanks so much! With free wifi we were sold and before setting up tent Kris had an attempt at some somersaults off the pontoon but soon realised his age when his back was red raw from the poor landings! We had only stopped 10 miles short of our intended destination this evening which was a picnic area on the side of the busy route 17 west so we think we definitely made the right decision as it is perfect here.


  1. Looking at all the pics of Kris fliging himself about , me thinks he belongs in a circus! Looks like you are still enjoying your trip. We will be leaving soon for our adventure, can't wait. See you on the west coast.

  2. LOVE the shadow kung foo boxer...rock on u 2 !

  3. Glad to hear that you both are still enjoying yourselves. Just a gentle reminder that Sunday is "Fathers Day". Dad says don't let is effect your journey- He can wait. Hear from you soon.