Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 23 Lions Head to Manitowaning

Friday 11th June
Daily mileage 55miles Average Speed 11.44mph Ride Time 4hr51min
Total Mileage 718

Alarm sounded at 5.30am and we were on the road at 6.30am, our earliest start yet made easier by a beautiful sunrise over the lake. We rode for 15miles up the number 6 where we stopped at a closed gas station for a jam roll breakfast with an apple then rode a further 15 miles to Tobermory, the town where we catch the ferry to South Baymouth. We had a quick coffee stop at an Indian Gift shop drive through which was random. We had intended to get there early enough to catch the 1.30pm ferry and we had made great time by arriving at 11am.
We cycled to the viewpoint where we climbed a tower to catch a great view of all the neighbouring islands. Well done to Kris who conquered a fear to reach the top with the stairs being open metal did not help. There is one particularly nice island called flowerpot island and we considered taking a tour there and camping the night but apparently all the campgrounds are closed as a bear was seen swimming there and until they see it leaving… no camping!
So we chilled and had lunch while using the ferry terminals internet before boarding. Kris purchased 12 cookies which were delicious and we seem to have turned into a couple of cookie connoisseurs recently. The sun was amazing as we sat on the deck for the 1hr45min crossing where the water was beautifully clear. The actual ferry ride was only 25miles by the way and was necessary as the land ended! We arrived and waited a bit while the cars piled off the ferry then cracked on for 20 miles without a stop to Manitowaning which we were very pleased to see at 6.30pm when we had been told yet another thunderstorm was on its way. Unfortunately, it was like a ghost town and the few people we met were not inviting.
As we were almost giving up we saw a single poppy in a lady’s garden then we asked in a motel on the edge of town and Kris managed to sweet talk the lady into letting us camp on her grass behind the closed motel down the road rather than pay $90 to stay in her motel. Our luck remains! We set up camp just as it started spitting and were in bed ready to sleep by 8pm!
Today I would like to mention that I not only got a fly in my eye, I also ate a fly while cycling which was nasty as you can imagine. The road this side of the ferry has cracks in the tarmac running across the road every 5meters or so which creates a rhythmic thudding every few turns of the wheel which is simply enough to make you scream! This is our second night without showers and a lot of cycling in between. We smell and are hairy and my hay fever eyes are driving me mad.


  1. Next time you pass by a pharmacy (chemist) get some Zyrtec. It is fantastic for allergies. We gutted our house on it, so you know it works well!

    Also, please pass on to Kris: AAAA HA HAAA HA HA HAAAAA. WHOOPS! Again, the English are rendered incapable of stopping something, be it oil or a ball. :p

  2. FANTASTIC VIEWS !!! you go kris...conquering those heights :o)