Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 32 Wetmore to Diorite

Sunday 20th June
Daily mileage 72miles Average Speed 12.1mph Ride Time 5hr54min
Total Mileage 1124
Well we had a slow start this morning, we were quite motivated to pack up and make it over the road to the BP for a hot coffee but this was shortly followed by a sit in massive wooden chairs, a supermarket sweep in Munising then just past Christmas (together with Santa and Mrs Claus) we stopped again at a rest area which was too beautiful to pass up. We noticed a sign saying there was a face carved in the rock face so we trekked along the sandy beach and stared at the rock face for too long and Kris waded around in the f f f freezing cold water but still we never found it. When we returned to the car park there was another sign showing pictures of how the face had eroded over the years and so we could have been stood right in front of it, we shall never know.

With too much time wasted we cycled on into the slight head wind past Au Train and all the way into Marquette. This was the longest ride we have experienced so far with no town or civilisation approx 45 miles. We did stop in one more rest area with the sun beating down on us at 73 degrees Fahrenheit we larruped on the factor 40 sun lotion and chatted to two cyclists that were out for fathers day (happy fathers day dad!) They advised us that there was a huge hill to climb out of Marquette, not good as we were both shattered with legs aching from the several climbs over the various peninsulas today.

We were not allowed to cycle the route 41 through Marquette as it was a very busy road so we found back roads which was again time consuming with no detailed map. We finally were allowed on the main road again and continued west up the hills toward Ishpeming. We have a warm showers host tonight who lives approx 10 miles west of there. So as it approached 6pm we finally made it to their house with actually a bit of a tail wind after map reading from a digital photo taken of google maps, ingenious.
When we arrived, Rod and Cindy were surprised that we had found their house and invited us in to have home cooked lasagne and salad that was ready and waiting for us on the table! Together with home cooked rhubarb pie and ice cream all the cycling today was well worth it! We petted their dogs in particular their golden retriever Cleo who was blind and deaf and gorgeous! We are staying in their trailer so no erecting and dismantling tents tonight, thanks to you both for an enjoyable evening and your kind hospitality!

We just wanted to say that the terrain we have experienced has been really very varied so far. We have gone from thick forest with dark green bushy trees to lake shorefronts that you would not know any different if you were told you were at the seaside, to the areas where the trees are mere twigs and the rocks are cracked with no greenery to be seen. Also, Kris has developed nasty sores on his privates and is considering riding his brooks (concrete) saddle without a pad in order to cure them, and my thighs cane.

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  1. no nookie tonight with sore nuggets...ouch !