Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 20 Toronto to Cheltenham

Tuesday 8th June
Daily mileage 39miles Average Speed 10.7mph Ride Time 3hr34min

This morning we had to get organised and hence we were pretty late on leaving. We had decided to ship home some excess clothes and our cooking stove which made my bike 2kg lighter which is always a good thing. We attempted to pump up our tyres and unfortunately my front tyre did not like it very much and deflated! A quick change of inner tube as it was irreparable unfortunately and we were on our way. We were chauffeured by Hannah and her niece out of the city on lovely paths through high park and along the lake shore until we were shown the Mississauga Road heading North West. Guess what… there was a NW wind although not so strong.
This road was slightly undulating and seemed to get fairly busy with trucks whizzing past our left side a bit too close for comfort some times. The hard shoulder was a mere 2ft wide and Kris had to have colourful words with a truck driver who told us we should not be on the road despite all the signs that say cycles and cars share the road! Although route 1 was quieter than route 10, we met some more cyclists who showed us to another road running parallel that was even quieter and we were gutted we had not come across it sooner as it was a lovely pleasant ride.
We had not followed it for too long when we needed a fuel stop after 40 miles or so. We stopped at a nice café at 4pm and grabbed a coffee, sandwich and ice cream when we got chatting to Terry who was also on an ice cream stop. We chatted for over an hour and he tore us out the relevant pages from his map that were a lot more detailed than our free maps. Thanks that will be a great help! We also chatted to Pat, the lady working at the café and asked if there was anywhere we could camp in the area. She offered us her yard to camp in or the spare bed in her basement. She just so happened to also live on the river and just a stone throw around the corner. Perfect and thanks so much for your kind hospitality!


  1. HI u 2 ...todd's been extra busy at work getting in some overtime, so i keep him posted as to your travels...so i mentioned you two were making your way through canada, and, honestly, it sorta took my breath away for a moment...the awe of what you are doing....it sings to my soul !!!
    one day...sooner than later i hope, i will trek with y'all ...really...no kidding...it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine...and anyone who REALLY knows me, knows i'm not playing...lol
    anyhoo...the look on todd's face was just priceless...the mere "thought" of riding that far broke him down into a shaky sweat...
    oh, and, if i ever get the honor to ride with you guys, i don't talk much while riding...LOL...promise :o)

  2. Really was my pleasure. Hope you had a good day even though the weather was wet. Your adventure is ambitious and I am glad the detour took you to the Cheltenham General Store. I work there, the Judge family, local to the area own it. I love working for them and meeting people like you two. Glad I could give you shelter and some fuel. I will follow your route. Safe travelling kids. Pat

  3. Kris & Alison,

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time up in Canada and getting a true international experience! We will be passing through Yellowstone as well! Hope you are having clearer skies than we are. Cheers!

    Jess (fellow transcontinental biker)

  4. Helen and Dave9 June 2010 at 15:55

    Hi there you two,
    After a couple of days off reading the blog, I am now caught up. I finish work on Friday and not a moment too soon. I am tired, grumpy and have got myself a fab itching disease which means I am up all night itching all over - they have no idea why though! What it does mean is that they will induce me as soon as next Friday so the number of days until moherhood has now just become single figures - eeek!! Are you on hotmail? If so, I'll send across some photos when it's popped out and I'm back online!
    I would say I'm jealous of you guys, however, the up hills look very up hill - so I'm happy looking at your photos!
    Take care of each other and keep enjoying yourselves H&bump x x

  5. Having fun reading along. Also, Kris: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/fifaworldcup/broadcast.html

    Saturday 13:30. Be prepared to have a long hard day Sunday. :p

  6. Hi you two!
    You are amazing!!I will follow your route. Safe travelling!!