Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 22 Walter Falls to Lions Head

Thursday 10th June
Daily mileage 65miles Average Speed 11.4mph Ride Time 5hr42min
Total Mileage 663

The lovely couple who hosted us last night invited us in for a fabulous breakfast and a shower while the tent dried out from last nights thunder storm. Just before we left at 8.30am we sat on their deck watching tiny humming birds feeding, they were amazing as you could hear them before you could see them with their wings flapping so fast.

On the way out of the village we visited the actual water falls at Walter Falls then headed up to Rockford 15 miles up the road. Just as our bellies were rumbling we came across a restaurant aptly named… empty bellies?? We stopped for an almighty breakfast with bottomless tea and coffee… delicious and just hit the spot. It consisted of 3 eggs, 2 sausages 3 slices of toast, 2 bacon, ham, and fried potatoes. The scary part is we did not even feel full after!

We cracked on tackling the undulating hills in the fresh head wind avoiding the busy route 6 and managed as far as Woseley after 35 miles where we had to stop as the road turned into a dirt road and the grass looked too inviting as the sun had shown itself. We slept for an hour and woke to find a man on a horse and cart just passing us who we asked for directions that included paved roads.

We made it to Wiarton after 44 miles where we stopped for a supermarket sweep and rested our bums then back on the saddle we took route 9 for 20 miles up to Lions Head and we were glad to see it! Our legs ached after yesterdays and today’s effort and we were tired. We found a campground but the office was closed so we sat and enjoyed the last of the sun throwing stones in the water. Actually we were playing a game trying to hit a rock in the water and guess what, I won, so Kris has to put up the tent tonight.

We stopped at the local pub for a beverage while we waited for dark to put the tent up and we shall be leaving early. We chatted to a couple that donated $20 for Cancer Research… thanks so much! We popped round the corner to the fish and chip shop to use their internet until they turned it off! Bugger. We shall sleep well tonight.

I also wanted to mention that yesterday I had a panic attack when I was climbing a hill very slowly and an eagle was hovering over my head I was sure it was going to attack, Kris thought I was mad. Kris wanted to mention about our movie nights in the tent and story telling on the bike. We are very high tech watching the latest releases with great sound each night in the tent to relax. The story telling on the bike is where we take it in turns to tell a story either from past travels or a fictional tale to keep our own and each others mind off cycling during the mentally struggling times.


  1. Hi you two.

    Well done with distances covered in the last two days.

    The photo's are great - who took the one of the humming bird?

    Marge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. WoW !!! sounds like all in all, you're having a blast...

  3. Love the photos and well done on great distances covered. Sam