Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day 34 Agate Falls to Wakefield

Tuesday 22nd June

Daily mileage 51miles Average Speed 11.1mph Ride Time 4hr38min
Total Mileage 1240

Wow, what a night of rain, thunder and lightening, it lasted hours but our tent survived yet again, thank goodness! As we climbed out the tent we were met by fine rain and the morning sun set in amongst the forest with river down below it was like a setting from a movie. We rode the 7 miles into Bruce Crossing and had a picnic in the coop car park.

Now refuelled we made it through Ewen, Matchwood and Topaz which each consisted of nothing more than a town sign and rested by Lake Bergland now in the glorious heat of the sun. We got chatting to a guy on a quad bike with coco the dog and he was filling us in on the local highlights and interesting facts such as did you know there is a question in trivia pursuit… what is the most easterly town in the eastern time zone… Merriweather, which I might add is the next town we passed through which was again nothing more than a sign post.

We shortly crossed over from the Eastern to the Central time zone where we gained an hour which Kris saw as another hour cycling and I took as another hour resting! I think this means we are 1/3 of the way there?! We carried on through Tula still on west m28 which we have been on now for 4 days, until we reached Wakefield. As we entered the town it was more than a sight for sore eyes as we had both run out of water, energy and the ability to sit on the saddle.

We climbed off the bike at the visitor information centre which had a great sign on the side showing mileage both West and East of us which was very interesting indeed, and there was a great big Indian Head carving, apparently there is one in each state of USA. We had 2 important questions for the info centre, 1, the significance of the Indian head and 2, where can we get good ice cream? She recommended the general store 3 blocks away where we both had 3 scoops of the most amazing ice cream which boosted our morale.

We carried on slowly but shortly came across Alpine Campground run by Inga a German lady who was a great character. Our pitch was close to the river again but this time the water was red and had a stronger current so we settled for a nice cold shower, through choice to cool down. Not before we had a game of Mini Golf which was long overdue some maintenance but some of the moving features were still working with a creaking sound such as the Ferris wheel which was Kris’s favourite hole as it took a good 30 attempts to get through!

We had a sandwich for dinner in the tent then stuck the food bag in the bear proof laundry room and enjoyed movie night in the tent. However, even with the speakers as loud as possible we could hardly hear it over the thunder lightening and rain again! A quick loo break provided a great display of fire flies all around us which are always so amazing to see, just magical and makes me smile inside.


  1. you told us about the ice cream what about the big head?????


  2. alison, we're going to knick name you firefly :o) they are magical, aren't they :o)