Saturday, 19 June 2010

Day 30 Newberry

Friday 18th June

As we are in Michigan the capital of black bears, my ears were on overdrive last night in the tent, and typical I needed a wee in the night! At 2am I had to wake Kris to be on bear watch while I ventured out of the tent. Kris hung our food bag in a tree across the field which was on the floor in the morning but only due to high winds luckily!

We asked in reception at 9.30am when was the earliest check in, it was meant to be 3pm but she let us into our room 118 straight away and gave us the continental breakfast for free… happy days! We slept more, showered, and recharged batteries while waiting for the game to start when we realised that we did not have the correct TV channel in our room! Kris was devastated and pleaded at reception and they kindly switched our TV over to cable so we could now catch ESPN2 to see England… game on! After getting thoroughly annoyed at the match we cycled the short distance up the road to pizza hut for dinner. At a special offer price of $10 for any size pizza we had to get two larges needless to say we had a box to take away the left over’s for lunch tomorrow.

Strapped to the back of the bike on the way back to the hotel we looked like pizza delivery! As Kris got on his bike he noticed the front tyre had an irreparable puncture, some might link this to the large pizza he just polished off but we think it was leaving the bike in the direct sun for too long? Anyway we walked back to the hotel pushing the bike and after fixing the puncture we chilled in the room all evening with a wine, Budweiser’s and a Jack Daniels.
As we have too much time to think on the bike each day we wanted to ask the following… If there is a fly in the cabin of an aeroplane while it is in the air, does it make a difference to the weight of the plane if the fly flies the whole journey or lands on the seat? Your outlook on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also the roads we are now following seem so long and straight that the cars as they appear on the horizon remind Kris of little Scalextric cars they are so far away and so tiny. It was nice to be off our bums today, the sores that we have from the rubbing of the pad is painful and our bums get so numb on the saddle all day along with our feet and hands. That side of the trip is not much fun. We were thinking at dinner tonight that it is the people that we have met on this trip that have made the trip for us so far, whereas with Istanbul it was the places we visited, very different adventures so far.


  1. Hey guys,
    Hope everything is going well.....have to laugh about the pizza incident. Looks like Marquette is your next stop...Iron ore mining town (for steel making). As for the fly question, here's my take.."Perhaps it would to explain that air or any gas exerts it's weight inside a closed container via a pressure differential that decreases versus altitude in the container. For 80 cubic feet of air into a scuba tank, and there's an increase of about 6 pounds corresponding to the weight of the 80 cubic feet of (sea level pressure) air. The pressure change versus altitude within a container is enough to create a net downwards force exactly equal to the weight of the air or gas within the container.
    In the case of the fly within the air plane, the fly increases the net pressure differential, so that net downforce applied by the air is equal the weight of the air plus the fly, as long as the fly doesn't have a vertical component of acceleration. If that makes sense!
    We Miss you guys!
    Watch for the bears...remeber, they can't see worth a crap!
    Friends Chrissy & Chris

  2. what chrissy and chris the "miss u guys" part !