Monday, 7 June 2010

Day 19 Toronto (with a silent 2nd T)

Monday 7th June
Another day off today, I know you are thinking they are never going to make it across the continent at this rate but we will be knuckling down soon, we promise! We began our full day of sightseeing the city at 9am where we took the subway to Chinatown and walked down to the CN Tower.
This is the tallest tower on the planet and when Kris found out it had a glass elevator I was all of a sudden going up alone. The 56 second ride to the top made my ears pop but the views of the city together with the route of where we have come from and where we are heading was well worth it. There was a glass floor on the viewing deck that I stood on and took a picture facing down and on closer inspection later you can see Kris smaller than an ant laying on the bench asleep down below, how bizarre.
We went to the food court for lunch then walked across to the St Lawrence Market area which was actually shut on Mondays so we found St James Cathedral and slept in the grass gardens for an hour or so. We then headed up to Yonge Dundas Square which had a great atmosphere. There were actually a load of water fountains that when we took a sip from a close by drinking fountain they all stopped which was quite funny as though we had drank all the water. I guess you had to be there!
We met with Kevin and Brenda and ventured downtown where they took us on a walking tour of the city and proved to be very interesting tour guides! We had a few beers then went for dinner followed by a few more beers in an English Pub which was ‘jolly good fun!’ We have now met with them in 5 different countries which is pretty good going and it was great to catch up so thanks guys for making the effort to find us and thanks again for dinner!


  1. alison...u r looking fantastic....kris...ya big chicken....alison woulda held your hand to go up...LOL... u need to go back up and get past your height fears...LOL..easy for me to say, considering i'm firmly planted on the ground...hahaha

  2. Hi to you both

    Alison you look so well. Great photo's shame you had to see the CN tower alone! maybe next time Kris!

    Love and miss you loads
    Marge xxxxxxx

  3. Kris please buy yourself a razor on me!!

    The Nuttella man X