Monday, 31 May 2010

Day 11 Cayuga Lake at Senaca Falls

Sunday 30th May
Daily mileage 29miles Average Speed 11.8mph Ride Time 2.25hrmin
We woke up at about 10am… a cheeky well deserved lay in. We were in no rush to get going today as we think we need a day off but do not want to spend another day here. We therefore decided to take a nice easy ride up the side of the lake. Its 40miles long so we can afford a second night hear just up a bit.
The guy at this site said there was a market 3miles up the road so we though we would stop there for breakfast. Unfortunately 3 miles came and went and after 9 miles we were flaking and came across an ice cream store! It was already 11.30am and another very hot day. People keep saying its July weather.
We stayed at the creamery for and hour and a half as it was air conditioned and had electric sockets and wifi not to mention ice cream! We had a burger followed by cake batter and chocolate fudge brownie flavour ice cream…yum.
We were told there was another camp site at Seneca Falls State Park at the top of the lake about 20miles further north. We decided to crack on leaving at 2pm at the hottest point of the day. We put the headphones on and actually quite enjoyed the flat ride alongside the lake with the cool breeze coming off the water and watching all the locals enjoying the private piers.
We arrived at the campsite at 3.30pm to grab the second to last site. Once paid up we could not resist but to go for a swim in the lake which was lovely. We sat by the side to dry off and got chatting to Peter and Jane a fantastic couple from Ithaca. We talked for ages and they then offered to take us up the road to Seneca town to a Walmart to buy some food for dinner and breakfast.
As we were tackling the great store they further offered to take us out to dinner so we left and went to Abigail’s restaurant which was quite posh especially for us dressed in the clothes we just swam and cycled in for the past week! They still let us in though as we had a fabulous meal. They dropped us back at our campsite and we said farewell. Thanks so much and it was a pleasure to meet you both.

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  1. sounds like a YUMMY kinda day :o)