Wednesday, 19 May 2010

6 hours to go!

Its Alison 30th birthday today and one of our amazing neighbours baked three beautiful cakes for us to devour. Despite our best efforts there was still a small amount left that regrettable we will have to give away. We have now adopted the attitude that we need to consume calories so bring it on.
With only a few hours to go we must go and pack the rest of our stuff before our alarm chimes at 3.45AM!!!

I have now enabled the comments box so feel free to drop us a note, good or bad.


  1. Be sure to carb-load in NYC with lots of pizza!

  2. bbl
    happy birthday

  3. Those cakes look fabulous!! Happy Birthday Alison! We wish you both happy and safe travels.

  4. Happy Birthday Alison, and best of luck to both of you as you embark on this wonderful adventure! The Rotarians of Rapid City, SD are all so excited to meet you as you pass through the Beautiful Black Hills of SD!

  5. Those cakes look delicious!