Tuesday, 18 May 2010

2 Days to go

This entry will be all about the stuff we are taking in case anyone of you were wondering or even considering going on an exploration yourself.

Despite not being recommended by cycling enthusiasts, we will be riding Ridgeback World Panorama touring bicycles. On a personal note, I have cycled this beauty over half around the world and had very few problems. The bike will be loaded with front and rear pannier bags along with a handle bar bag to allow quick assess to personal belongings. It is critical one is methodical when it comes to packing the bags. It is extremely infuriating rummaging around the bags trying to find something. Everything must have a place and stay there.

We will be sharing a small, 2.9kg, freestanding tent. It is important the tent is freestanding because when I tried to camp in Death Valley the ground was so hard I snapped numerous pegs and was unable to erect my tent. We will both have sleeping bags that will keep us comfortable and warm at zero degrees. Most importantly, we are taking a thermarest camping mat that provides extra comfort to sleep at night.

To document the ride we shall be taking a small EEE PC netbook along with a point click and DSLR camera. I will also be taking a video camera allowing me to create DVD documentary about the trip when I get back.

Taking into account we are going away for 102 days, I am taking the following items of clothing:
2 pairs of pants
3 pairs of socks
3 cycling short
5 t shirts
1 jumper
1 pair of combats
2 pairs of normal shorts
1 waterproof jacket
1 windproof jacket
1 woolly hat
1 pair of gloves.
And that’s all I can think of at the moment. I know what y’all are thinking but who needs pants anyway!!


  1. happy birthday Ali

  2. bbl

    so kris is packing one more pair of pants then he would normaly use over 90 days.

    SNT said they hope you fall off.

  3. Happy Birthday Alison,

    Hope it all goes well for you both.

    Love Lawrence & Pat

  4. Happy birthday Alison. Good luck and hope all goes according to plan.

    Love Jacke & Freddy xx