Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 6 Andover to Layton

Tuesday 25th May
Daily mileage 24 mile Average Speed 9.4mph Ride Time 2hr33min

We woke at 10.30am after Paul and Jane had both long gone off to work. We helped ourselves to breakfast and a shower then took a short walk down to their private lake. All the locals use the lake to swim and take out the kayaks, it was massive and very beautiful. I think it looked even more appealing as the weather was a good 28 degrees and very sunny.
We finally managed to drag ourselves away from the house at midday some might say we were reluctant to get on the bikes! Paul had been kindly given some maps so we had our route planned north on the 206 heading for Milford.
The road was surprisingly up and down. Kris described it as slightly undulating hills however my legs were telling me the hills resembled the alps! After an hour or so on the bike we had decided to stop at the next place we came across to grab a nice cold drink and as we pulled in to the car park of a diner we came within 50ft of 2 BLACK BEARS!!! We kept our distance but soon realised they were only interested in the garbage behind the diner and were not bothered by us.
We attempted to take some photos which I thought was particularly brave and I had this overwhelming urge to give them a big hug as they looked so big and cuddly but managed to resist! I am sure you will not be surprised to know that we decided not to stay there and headed slightly up the road to a lovely bakery.
We quizzed the staff about their knowledge of black bears as we had everybody we met so far and were slightly reassured that they are considered as big racoons/foxes that have been forced to the towns to feed. We were told by many that they only want food and are not bothered by us.
Back on the road for an hour or so and we met another cyclist Scott that stopped to chat to us. He was cycling his commute home from work but tours the country regularly. We asked about camping grounds nearby when he kindly suggested we stay at his. We met Tattoo the horse and Rose, Low Rider and Edwina the cats, oh and the 3 chickens. We showered and took a ride in his massive truck into town for Pizza and beer.
It was only a short ride today but we are breaking ourselves in gently and giving my cold a chance to clear. A big thanks to Scott for rescuing us on the side of the road and making us feel so welcome in his home. I hope this amazing hospitality never ends!


  1. yippie...just signed in and saw you posted minutes ago...very excited for you...glad you are taking it easy to start...enjoying our beautiful
    NEW JERSEY ! and the long anticipated cuddly black bear meeting...you are in one of my most favorite area's of jersey ♥ ...peace

  2. Meeting strangers and stalking black bears
    running through philidelphia and climbing rockys stairs
    I'm enjoying the blog, but jealous and starting to loathe thee
    seeing you both living the dream in the land of Bon jovi
    so keep it up, have fun and keep updating your story
    travelling state by state, in a blaze of glory

    speak soon - I am still better than you


  3. Hi Ali.
    Just make sure you stash any spare food in Kris's saddle bags for the bears to find.

    Love the blog so far, live the dream.

    Love marge

  4. K&A,so did you enjoy the heat today? It was 94 here in Andover,much more on the road where you are I'm sure. Anyhow, glad you enjoyed our lake and everything else. Camping tonight ? ,or will your streak be extended? Enjoy and keep hydrated. Paul

  5. If you guys don't pick up the pace a little more, then bump will be at school before you have a chance to say hello!!
    Looks good so far though.
    I am suffering with an itching complaint which keeps me awake at night, hence reading your blog at 4:53am (this pregnancy malarky is not all it's cracked up to be!)
    Keep having fun,
    H&bump x x