Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 3 New York Mission

First stop today was Madison Square Garden which is the arena where so many amazing sporting moments have happened in our history. Kris stood staring at a wall of fame lost in the past of his childhood best memories.
We then took the subway to Grand Central Station which was very Grand indeed. In the basement there was a meeting point of four corridors with high arching roofs that if you stood in one corner and faced the wall while Kris stood in the opposite corner and faced the wall you could whisper and the other could hear it. It was quite freaky how clear it was! We stopped for lunch then ventured to the surface to photograph the Chrysler building from close up.
Our mission then took us over to china town where there were tonnes of people hustling and bustling trying to get a cheap imitation hand bag etc. We carried on walking and found ourselves in Little Italy which was slightly more relaxing with the main street being just for pedestrians and many a restaurant spilling out tables onto the street. We then finally ventured into Soho which is where we hoped back on the subway to Central Park.
Central Park with its 843 acres is even bigger in real life than it sounds! We walked and walked and people watched for several hours. There were so many people either playing softball, rollerblading, cycling, running, throwing a ball, boating or just laying in the sun on the grass. it’s the place to come for New Yorkers to grab some fresh air and keep them sane apparently. We visited Strawberry Fields which is an area of the park dedicated to John Lennon which is just across the street from where his apartment was where he got shot.
We had arranged to meet Zev for a Dinosaurs BBQ dinner which was great then even though we were exhausted we hopped back on the subway to see Times Square by night and again went to the top of the rock Rockefeller Building to view the city skyline by night which was definitely worth it. We crashed in the apartment at midnight… a mission and a half!


  1. I just knew your blogs would capture the excitement that is New York City. Now you know why I get such a charge from the BIG APPLE or DISNEY FOR ADULTS! Say Hello to Maureen for me. friend from Florida, Helen

  2. Dude and dudette, glad you arrived safely. Seeing your pics makes me want to return to the big apple.

    If you fancy increasing your calorie intake then there is an awesome candy store called dylans, well worth a visit. Also
    go to fao schwarz toy store and have a go on
    the giant piano from the film big.
    Alison look away now, boys talk - England line up against Mexico is green, johnson, baines, king, Ferdinand, Walcott, gerrard, Carrick, milner, Rooney, crouch. Resting the fa cup players.

    Speak soon