Sunday, 16 May 2010

5 Days to go

5 Days to go…

Good news, British Airways have announced that our particular flight is currently going ahead but this may still change. Bad news, the Ash cloud has come back to say hello and put a hold to recent flight out of the UK. However, according to the met office, we are expecting warmer weather next week that should therefore push the Ash towards the north and freeing up the airspace over our skies. Pheeewwww!

The other pain this weekend was trying to find insurance that would cover our journey. Because we are going away for over 102 days many companies would not touch us as their policy only cover up to 100 days. As stupid as this seems there was no way around the problem and we finally got some quotes that differed by an astonishing £200 each. We ended up getting covered but the bikes are another issue that I wont bore y’all with.

The other good news is that our replacement bike parts have turned up and my newly acquired maintenance knowledge has been put to the test. I have taken some responsibility and learnt how to change a tyre for this trip. I still prefer my ignorance is bliss approach though.
I have no other photos to put on here so i though i would introduce you to Chalky, Chips and Rusty

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