Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 8 Wallenpaupack to Lenox

Thursday 27th May
Daily mileage 44miles Average Speed 9.9mph Ride Time 4hr25min

Camping last night was very hot, sticky, mossie country, and again I was on constant bear watch. No matter how many times various people tell me there’s nothing to worry about, when im wandering off to the loo in the dark on my own from the tent my eyes start to see bears everywhere!!! I’m sure its all in my head and it frustrates Kris but I can’t help it!

We were up quite early but could not leave til 9am which is when the office opened to be able to pay up for the campsite. The 10 miles to Honesdale were again nice riding as it was relatively flat and temperature was cool still. We took breakfast from a gas station while all users of the gas station were telling us how no matter what route we took to our destination for the evening was gonna be hilly. This is not what a girl wants to hear first thing in the morning!

We stopped at Waymart after another 10miles. This time there were hills, hills and more hills. They are long and sloping gradient but they just keep going its like torture on your legs and brain. At Waymart we stopped at a beer shop but stuck to the iced tea! We met Al Young who kindly donated $10 towards cancer research… thanks and good luck with cutting down the 2 big trees! We carried on another 5miles to Carbondale. I know your thinking only 5 miles, but these 5 miles were like hell. At some points I didn’t think my legs could turn the peddles any more. Wobbling left and right as going so slow with no energy as trucks overtaking is not so much fun. Kris is struggling too but he gets to rest at the top of each hill while he waits for me to catch up.
At Carbondale we rested for 45mins under a tree as the temperature was a mere 89 degrees Fahrenheit today. We were told that there was a thunder storm expected today and we could now see the clouds starting to form.

Back on the road we took the extremely hill 106 west to Lenox. The clouds were getting darker and we were feeling the pressure to push on and start asking people where campsites were etc. We barely made it to Clifford when we had to stop for a quick drink as it was still hot despite the wind picking up, headwind that is. This is where we met Wendy who was working in the store. She lives in Lenox and offered us her lounge to camp in and a shower which we jumped at!
Wendy gave us directions to her house so we set off to try make it before the rain came down. There were so many hills in total we climbed 4,033ft, it was a nightmare. Wendy drove home from work and asked her son to drive back to find us to ask if we wanted a lift back to her house and it was awful to have to say no thanks as I was crawling up a mountain! 10miles later we found her street just as a rain shower arrived, but it was actually quite refreshing.
Wendy and Ken took us in and gave us pizza. They made us feel so very welcome in their house, and we cannot thank you both enough! It feels so nice to sit on a sofa.

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  1. Alison I feel for you. Send me your pain. Helen

  2. ok...alison, disregard that last comment ( take in the energy of the hills )on day 7's post...i think i heard you use my name in know that area,(honesdale, pa) went camping there a few times many years ago...the basket that was by the bird cage (in my and todds home) is from up there, a little roadside grocery in hawley pa
    BLESSINGS :o) maureen

  3. That looks and sounds like complete torture and makes my gym routine look easy. You will be well prepared for The Rockies.