Monday, 24 May 2010

Day 4 Sandy Hook

Today we escaped the big apple and took the train south west to Sandy Hook leaving our bikes in Zev’s apartment. We were met at the train station by Todd who is a friend of a friend named Helen that Kris met in Jacksonville, Florida. Todd drove us around New Jersey to see the highlights. We took a tour of the twin lighthouses then ventured to another lighthouse at sandy hook which is next to a nudist beach that was empty due to the weather being cool and rainy. We picked up a pebble from the beach that we intend to carry across on our journey to drop off on the beach at Seattle.

This lighthouse has only ever been switched off once in its 246 years of operation during World War 2 and almost for a second time today as I nearly leaned on the electricity off switch! The tour guide asked a question about which was the first lighthouse to operate by electric rather than lens and Kris answered correctly the statue of liberty which the tour guide said was the first time anyone has ever answered correctly this was thanks to watching too many daytime TV quiz shows!

Todd then showed us to some local historical forts that were very interesting and we also learned about deer ticks that carry lime disease that live in the tall grass and how to identify poisonous ivy which had never crossed our minds before… if it has 3 leaves, leave it be.

As it approached dinner time Todd took us to an Italian restaurant for more delicious food. Todd’s wife Maureen met us at dinner where we learned that every Costco customer is now aware of our blog address… the pressure is on! We all went along scenic drive which is the home of Bon Jovi, to the harbour where we passed all the huge houses with people that owned huge boats!
We took Brandy Rascal (Maureen’s tiny dog) for a walk, then went back to their place to meet Teebo (The parrot). The glass cabinet holding a collection of skulls was quite amusing, we hoped it was not previous guests of theirs! Kris was impressed as Todd had owned a ‘back to the future car’ and a ‘a car that face had in the A team’. We want to say a massive thanks to both Maureen and Todd to go to such great lengths to fulfil one of our dreams.

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  1. the GIFT is in the GIVING... as it was truly a delight to have you both and share in your journey
    it will be a memory we will treasure a massive thanks back to you too...
    oh ! and too funny on almost making history in the SANDY HOOK LIGHT HOUSE (switch)...
    tomorrow i will "ride my bike" to sandy hook beach... i will pick up a pebble from the beach and keep it with my rocks from around the world as a token to both of you, to your spirit and light you bring to our world ♥ maureen, todd and the zoo