Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 73 Macks Inn to Rexburg

Saturday 31st July
Daily mileage 62miles Average Speed 15.4mph Ride Time 4hr02min
Total Mileage 2904

As we packed up the tent we were concerned about the black cloud lurking in the direction we were heading. We started cycling about 7.30am and soon realised that we actually just missed the storm thankfully. The road was gradually going downhill and the wind was gently blowing us along for a pleasant change. After 10 miles in Island Park we had a huge breakfast in a lodge, you would think we would have learned by now that the pancakes are massive and one each is enough.

We stopped 21 miles later in Ashton after more downhill and more tailwind. The last 5 miles was a 6% downhill and we were going 30mph the whole way down which felt fantastic. Ashton is the worlds biggest seed potato producer for your information only. From there we continued at a fast speed to whiz through St Anthony and roll into Rexburg 28 miles later just as the wind was turning. We were pretty shattered despite having such terrific conditions all day.

We stopped in Deseret Book in the hope of finding internet to see if we can find camping on our route for tonight when we met Mike the manager of the store. He was so friendly and kind he offered us to stay at his and gave us a juice and cookie on the house. We found our way back to his place and showered and sat chatting for a couple of hours while petting Nellie the gorgeous 7month old golden retriever. Mikes girlfriend Lacey came over and we headed into town to Florence’s Chocolate Shop then to Bambinos for fried pizza pockets then to top it off we went to the cinema. It was an excellent evening and the double date made us feel normal again.

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  1. i'm sorry to inform you this, but todd will NEVER think you two are me, i am in AWE of you both, and one day hope to join y'all on a trek...
    i'm on the end of the mend with my shoulders, and i'm going into full on kidding :o)
    i'm polishing my bike now, deciding what to name her