Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day 77 Shoshone to Glenns Ferry

Wednesday 4th August
Daily mileage 51miles Average Speed 16mph Ride Time 3hr09min
Total Mileage 3126

Last night we stayed up late watching a movie and decided that we deserved a lay in this morning. We did not end up leaving until 10am after we treated ourselves to breakfast in bed. Finally on the road we found out it was an easterly wind and the road was gradually downhill and we flew past Gooding straight to Bliss 30 miles later and yes, it was bliss! With such a high average speed we hardly noticed the aches and pains.

We stopped for a short lunch and with the temperature rising we decided to crack on to Glenns Ferry. We were following the old highway 30 which kind of follows alongside the new interstate. The road is quieter and much more scenic and today we came across very random scenery. One minute we were in the desert, the next we were in lush farmers crops, the next it was flat everywhere you looked then we were up and down hill, it was very beautiful fast riding and it kept us guessing as we lapped it up.

As we did the final climb into Glenns Ferry there was no wind and the sun was baking on our backs. We rocked up to the Fudge Factory Grill & Ice Cream that was air conditioned and seemed friendly. We dived in about 1.30pm and had ice cream to cool off. After a short break and every intention to continue on to Mountain Home 30 miles up the road we returned to our bikes in order to leave but we nearly frazzled just walking across the car park.

We made a rash decision to go back inside and watch a movie in the corner of the shop while we wait for the heat to cool slightly in the next couple of hours. The ladies in the shop were lovely and even gave us a free drink and we can recommend their fudge! After the film it was 6pm and it was still 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade and we only had a few hours of sunlight left when Michelle behind the counter came to our rescue. She offered us to camp in her yard the night so we could leave at first sunlight to make the most of the day without wind and heat.

Andrew her 12 year old son chauffeured us back to her home and we enjoyed an evening playing a board game called Tri - Ominos. However, we thought it was particularly rude when he only went and beat us both! Well played Andrew. We showered and put the tent up when the sun eventually went down at 9pm. We crashed straight away for an extremely early start.

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  1. ya the heat is no joke this year :o(