Saturday, 7 August 2010

Day 80 Boise

Saturday 7th August.

We were meant to be leaving today but the comfy bed, Rachel’s cooking and the cosy sofa meant we simply could not force ourselves to get back on the saddle. Although we could always use the excuse that Kris needed to rest his bruised coccyx. We have done nothing productive today apart from rest, we have not even left the house apart from to change my inner tube that had a slow puncture, to eat on the decking and to wade about in the flooded lawn.

Flooding the lawn is actually quite an interesting concept. Each of the neighbours set their water valves accordingly to ensure each household can open their valve and flood their property a good few inches with freezing river water to keep everything green. Of course the key is not to get distracted and allow the basement to flood too! Rachel and Patrick showed us some of their amazing slide shows from various cycle adventures including their cycle through Asia including Tibet. There is so much more out there to see.

We think we have finally decided our route to Seattle and where we were under the impression its all down hill from the Rockies to the coast we could not have been more wrong. There are a few mountain ranges and passes to cover. We have worked out that we have to do 50 miles a day every day for the next two weeks to make it to Seattle on time and so the question is… will we make our flight?


  1. It's been our pleasure hosting the Pedalplodders. Enjoy your last weeks of freedom on the road!
    Patrick and Rachel

  2. so awesome...if ya miss your flight, helen, marge and i will ride our bicycles out and pick you two if you do make your flight, watch out for those postal flight