Monday, 16 August 2010

Day 88 Connell to Potholes State Park

Sunday 15th August
Daily mileage 37miles Average Speed 11.3mph Ride Time 3hr15min
Total Mileage 3631

We had a lovely dinner in the garden last night with the family and their friends then slept on the dining room floor on the lovely thick pile carpet. We were treated to fresh pancakes, eggs and ham for breakfast and after a short ride back to the main road we set off at 9am. Fortunately it was not anywhere near as windy as yesterday. We headed north for a few miles then turned west on highway 26 into Othello where we stopped in Walmart after 20 miles.

We carried on taking smaller county roads through baron land and again it felt as though we were in the desert and the tumble weed chasing us along the road proved that we were in the desert! That and the 100 degrees Fahrenheit heat beating down on us. We had to tackle the Frenchman Hills before rolling into the Potholes State Park. We stopped for a quick cold drink in the shade at a gas station then headed into the park to set up the tent in the ’primitive’ tent area which is the cheapest and closest to the reservoir.
Two minutes later we were in the water but we were swimming where the boat launch area was and with jet skis buzzing around us, the water was not so clean so a quick dip to cool off and we were done. We laid under a tree on the grass area to snooze and played yahtzee and I won, twice. Back at the tent we watched two movies in the tent and were asleep for an early morning start. To tell the truth we are both a bit disappointed with this park as the map suggests there is a lovely swimming beach, sand dunes and potholes hence the name of the place, but there was nothing of striking beauty and probably was not worth the stop apart from to escape the heat of the day.

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