Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day 85 Cottonwood to Lewiston

Thursday 12th August
Daily mileage 57miles Average Speed 12.8mph Ride Time 4hr24min
Total Mileage 3475

We had a great night sleep and a lazy morning. We had breakfast in bed which was some of Frances’s home made granola cereal which was delicious. I sat in the snug nose of Sweet Willy the beagle and did a puppy themed puzzle while Kris went back to sleep after breakfast. Finally we packed up and were about to leave at 10.30am when Frances and Dennis turned up. We chatted some more and thanked them for the food parcel we found hanging from the handle bar of our bike this morning!

The flag looked as though the wind was behind us as we left but just round the corner it turned into a head wind which stayed with us all day! We had 25 miles of rolling hills which were not too bad and they were broken up by a stop after 8 miles in Ferdinand then again in 7 miles in Craigmont where we enjoyed brunch. 10 miles up the road we stopped again in Winchester for a milkshake that had been recommended to us by Frances and it was delicious but unfortunately Vivian does not work there anymore.

I just remembered in Ferdinand we stopped in a bar where I went to the ladies and there was an ‘Adam’ from ‘Adam and Eve’ on the wall with his ‘leaf’ on a hinge. Of course I had to raise the leaf to see why it was hinged and of course it was attached to some string that rang a bell in the bar! As I re entered the room they were laughing at me and I had to take a marker pen and go back to sign the Adam, so I scribbled our blog address on the wall, top left. Don’t tell me you would not have done the same!
From here you will not believe it but we had a 30 mile downhill! Yes 30! Some steep but mostly gradual we rolled and rolled. However, it was still tough to ride as the hard shoulder was narrow with the side barrier being inches from our bags with trucks zooming past while trying to avoid shredded truck tyre on the road, the vibration line and loose gravel. This does not even take into account the headwind which was so strong in some parts we had to pedal downhill.

We had planned to not stop again until we reached Lewiston but after concentrating so hard and temperature rising from 73 degrees to 93 degrees Fahrenheit with the descent we needed a short break in Lapwai. The last stretch took us into the city where we had tried to arrange a warm shower host but with the lack of internet we have been unable to stay in contact and so the Super 8 motel that was the first place we saw was simply irresistible. I thought I would just mention my collection of good luck charms that I am carrying with me that keep growing as we ride from various gifts that I have been given along the way. I’m convinced they are looking out for me and keeping us safe, but I’m sure Kris just considers them as extra weight to carry!

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  1. wOw...very nice i feel bad...all i gave you was shampoo n, by the way...i found back under the sink know u were worried that kris would consider that not a necessity :o( too funny :o)tho i will always remember the glee in your eye at the thought of the luxury of clean hair...short lived as it safe on those reckless road shoulders...that is realllly scary...