Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 95 Seattle

Sunday 22nd August
Another enjoyable lazy morning where Kris was pleased to be able to watch a Man United match v Fulham. It was raining outside and with all the windows here it was quite cosy to sip on a star bucks coffee and look out over the lake. After lunch John dropped us off in town to watch ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ at the cinema while he went to the sculpture gardens with Sally then when he met us after our film finished he decided to join us to watch ‘Expendables’ so we were on for a back to back movie session. I know I’m biased but I’m sure the first film was far better than the second!

We returned to the house briefly before heading to a local Japanese restaurant where we were joined by Allison and her boyfriend Brian and other daughter Lesley. We had a quick lesson in the etiquette of eating sushi and tucked in to our raw fish and rice. It was tasty but personally I think we need more practice with the chopsticks. Back at the house we finished off the apple pie and ice cream before bed for an early start hitting the road in the morning. We are going to miss this place terribly and can not thank John enough for his overwhelming kindness and hospitality for not only putting us up but for making our stay in Seattle so interesting and comfortable, we have really enjoyed your company, thanks John.

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  1. Those are some stats,very impressive scoring indoor lodging so many times. Does this mean you have some more biking to do? We only have 3 more very easy mileage days and that's it. What a great summer its been.