Thursday, 26 August 2010

Day 98 San Yuan Island to Vancouver Island

Wednesday 25th August
Daily mileage 15miles Average Speed 9.9mph Ride Time 1hr31min
Total Mileage 3921

I was up at 8am and crawled out the tent with out waking Kris who enjoyed a nice long lay in. I sat at the waters edge watching two seals playing in the water. As the sun rose above the hill the heat was on the tent and so Kris appeared. We had breakfast at a picnic table looking out over the ocean and decided that as checkout was not until noon we would not be moving until noon! We saw a deer that was very friendly and allowed Kris to get within a few meters to snap away.

Kris cut his hair and so needed to jump in the sea to wash the bits of hair off but it was freezing so it was very quick and not very successful. This is our 3rd day cycling and camping with no shower. We laid sunbathing for a few hours then could not put it off any longer as out ferry was leaving at 3.40pm. We left the campsite at 1.30pm and cycled up and down lots of hills some that followed the coastline which was beautiful.

Arriving in Friday Harbour we had half hour to spare so we spent our final $10 as once we got on the ferry to Vancouver Island we were leaving USA and arriving in Canada! We had prepared ourselves to go through customs however much to our amazement a bloke barely even looked at our passports and we were away. On the ferry we charged batteries for the 40min crossing and arrived in Sidney Harbour where we asked about cheap motels but the cheapest was $100 needless to say we got directions to the nearest campsite!
Luckily it was only a few miles up the road on a bike path and in the direction of harbour where we depart for the mainland tomorrow so it was not so bad and at $13.70 we could not complain. We found our spot and watched a movie in the tent still with no showers. The campsite was deep in a forest area and the mosquitoes were out!

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  1. very nice pics of the sunset and Jim Beam! We're ready to head out there and join you .