Friday, 6 August 2010

Day 79 Boise

Friday 6th August. Rachel and Patrick had to work early and we had the best lay in, it felt so good. We had freshly cooked brownies and coffee breakfast in bed to top it off! At about 10.30am we managed to get up and Kris borrowed some trainers and went for a run of all things to do on your day off from cycling! We had a relaxing morning attempting to sort through the millions of photos we have taken so far. I’m sure its not necessary to have 20 photos of the statue of liberty but they are all so nice!
At noon Patrick came home and we had lunch before each taking a blow up raft and paddle over to the neighbours house who then drove us a good 5 miles through town and dropped us off at the edge of the Boise River. We blew up the rafts with the air pumps provided and jumped in the freezing water. Kris and I were sharing a raft while Patrick, Noah and Winston each had their own. It was surprising just how many other people were floating down the river on a Friday afternoon!

We were pre warned that there were three sets of rapids that if we made sure we were in the right place at the right time we would have nothing to worry about. We both gently bottomed out on the first set of rapids but nothing too painful more shockingly cold as the water poured in the raft and we started bailing out with a bed pan that Rachel had brought home from her work as a nurse! It was really fun and relaxing to float along but you had to concentrate a bit or else you found yourself bouncing against the side rocks or in an overhanging tree as the water was really quite fast flowing.

The second rapids we took like professionals and the third set we had gained confidence and Kris managed to film them going down but we got drenched, thank goodness for dry bags. After bailing out again we decided to swap places in the raft which was a really bad idea. We had no control at all and we were lower in the boat so as we hit a few wavy parts we were set on missing a tree in the water when there was a huge thud which was Kris’s coccyx smacking a hidden rock, ouch. Now Kris does not normally complain when he hurts himself so I knew this one was bad, however, it tickled me and I could not help but laugh hysterically for most of the rest of the journey!

Kris insisted we swapped back while mid river which was pretty hair raising then he laid stiff as a board horizontally so that his rear was nowhere near the river bed just in case. 5.87 miles later we got out gingerly and walked a mile back to the house having had an awesome time. We were joined by Rachel after work and had pizza for dinner with popcorn out on the decking. We attempted to plot a route to Seattle but just got more confused as there are so many ways to go and so many things to see, we are tempted to stay another night and enjoy the Boise beer festival and we may have to if Kris cant sit on the saddle in the morning!


  1. Seattle already,where did the time go? Bumping ones bum on the bottom does hurt. Heal up ,turn around , and head east, I don't want to stop either.

  2. Hi you two.

    You know how much we all love reading about your wonderful adventure each day and cant wait to turn on the computer in the morning, I will miss it greatly, but for me I will also miss Mo-as-is great comments.

    GO MO!!!
    Love Marge (mum)xxxxxxxx

  3. Toobin'? You guys are about yea close to becoming American by default.

  4. Coccyx? Is that an English word? Now just what part of the anatomy is that? ....Ooooh, I get it!!! Ouch...

  5. Next time I'll have them sign a waiver before we hit the river!

  6. yep....i am all toooo familiar with that arse bone...landed on that many years ago, and it took a long time to sit only sit on one cheek or the other, or opt to stand...for a very long time...i do hope your's isn't that bad, especially given the difficulty of deciding which cheek to sit on :o(
    and a big thanks to marge...for the compliment...totally flattered...