Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day 78 Glenns Ferry to Boise

Thursday 5th August
Daily mileage 71miles Average Speed 13.8mph Ride Time 5hr08min
Total Mileage 3197

We set the alarm at 5am but it was pitch black so we set it again at 6am where we were up and on the road by 6.30am as the sun rose above the hill. The sky was spectacular to see and made us feel like we should wake this early more often. We headed out on the old highway 30 again but had been pre warned that all the old farmers trucks used this road as they have been declared not safe to use the interstate! Crazy.

Thankfully there was not much traffic as we made it 10 miles up the road to a small shed in Hammett that was serving drive thru and walk up coffees that went down a treat with a pop tart. We only stopped 5 mins before carrying on a further 20 miles with a slight headwind and lots of climbs before stopping again in Mountain Home. We found a Subway and had an English muffin with coffee where the very kind staff gave it to us for free! Thanks!

We did not stay long as we were conscious that the heat would be back in the sun before long. Unfortunately the nice highway had disappeared and we had no choice but to jump on the interstate for the rest of the day. We put our music on and high visibility clothing and pedalled as fast as possible while avoiding shredded tyres and nuts and bolts on the hard shoulder. We took a brief bum break on one of the slip roads after 16 miles then back to it we carried on until a rest area 10 miles on for a water refill. With only 7 miles to go into Boise we came off the interstate and followed the high street where we came across a gas station telling us it was again back up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

We pulled off into a small side road where we sheltered under a tree in Patrick and Rachel’s front garden who are our warm shower hosts for the night. We gave them a quick call to let them know we had arrived and he popped home from work to let us in and show us around his lovely home that is currently being extended and is therefore under construction. We relaxed for the afternoon while they both finished working, petted their 3 cats and helped ourselves to a lovely home made brownie that had been left out for us with a note!

While Kris cleaned up the bikes with Patrick I chatted with Rachel as she prepared a gorgeous dinner. We were then joined by two more cyclists that turned up Winston and Noah and we all sat to eat outside on the decking and had a great conversation sharing our touring stories. We all then followed Patrick up his ladder to the attic of his extension that he is building himself from his own drawings as he is an architect. Rachel and Patrick are very experienced cycle tourists that have toured the world and are definitely our kind of people, thank you for making us feel so welcome. Looking forward to our rest day tomorrow!


  1. hey there u two :o))) should be some cooler conditions coming in from canada...hoping it brings some welcome relief to your travels...i just can't believe your almost there...gosh, where did the time's been such a blast following you both while on my recovery. sounds like we are arriving at our different destinations at the same soon as i am back to work and my 1st paycheck rolls in...i can't wait to cash it and DONATE to your cause...much love xoxomo
    p.s reminds me of reading a really good book that ypou hate to put down and don't want it to end,i think you should consider traveling back south as kris suggests...hint hint, wink, wink...that way the "book" won't end so soon...

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