Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 72 Madison to Macks Inn

Friday 30th July
Daily mileage 36miles Average Speed 12.6mph Ride Time 2hr51min
Total Mileage 2842

We had a bit of a lay in and got on the road by 9.30am. We rode the 14 easy miles out of the park stopping briefly to see the female elk sunning themselves on the river edge. We stopped for a supermarket sweep in West Yellowstone where we overheard somebody talking about the grizzly attacks two days ago in the NE area of the park which was very shocking and we thanked our lucky stars we were not in that campground.

We left Wyoming and entered Montana very briefly and as we climbed over the continental divide at 7072ft we entered Idaho our 10th USA state. The road headed south and the wind was in our face, it was hot and we were tired. I think Yellowstone’s adventures has taken its toll on us. We stopped for lunch in the hungry bear gas station and decided at the next campsite we would call it a day despite being only really half a day. A mile up the road we stopped at Macks Inn campground at approx 2.30pm.

We had a shower that was long overdue and did a laundry of everything. We sat inside the reception on a sofa charging all the electrics and updating the internet etc. It was nice to relax and recuperate and plan our route for the next week and do some calculations as to how many miles left and how many days left and we think we are about on track, fingers crossed!


  1. Hey guys!
    I just wanted to say that your photos are amazingly stunning..especially arounf Yellow Stone. Chrissy and I have been following your trip and we are very proud of you two. It's mind boggling to view the trips that you made over the years and the miles you put behind you. You deserve "world" recognition for your great achievements. We'll never forget you! Have awonderful're almost there now....just watch out for the grizzlies!
    Your friends at the other end of Lake Superior..Chris, Chrissy and Molly!
    By the way, she caught a baby rabbit this morning which we are now nurturing!

  2. SPECTACULAR !!! the grizzlies made the news out hear
    i'm so glad you two are making it through safely...keeping u both in my prayers for safe and fun travels