Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 59 Devils Tower to Gillette

Saturday 17th July
Daily mileage 62miles Average Speed 11.5mph Ride Time 5hr24min
Total Mileage 2340

On the road at 6am before the mass of campers, heat and wind we tackled the steep climb out of the Devils Tower campground. Granny gear and a lot of plodding we made it to the top then after 5miles or so of slight up and downs we had another climb up to join the highway 14 loop road back to parallel the interstate. After 15miles we stopped in Carlile which believe it or not had a population of 2! We stopped for a coffee and chatted to the nice couple with a positive attitude!
The road went from being windy through hills and trees to completely flat plains and a long straight road. We were actually cycling along the flat at about 25mph at one point which was awesome. As we are quiet we surprise deer on the road side and they run along beside us really close.
At Moorcroft we stopped for a break having clocked up 32 miles and asked a sheriff whether it is allowed to cycle on the interstate in Wyoming and he had no idea, locals all said they have seen cyclists on there so we should not have a problem. After a further 15miles along the flat again we arrived in Rozet to escape the heat we stopped for a drink in a bar which had a strippers joint in a trailer in the car park! Back on the road for the last 15mile stretch we arrived in Gillette at 2pm! It seemed really early to stop but we had done enough for one day.

We had decided to treat ourselves to a motel so headed for a few mama and papas places but the price was quite expensive so we thought if we were going to pay that price we should look for a nicer place so we enquired in the Best Western and it seemed that all the prices were double what they are normally. We soon found out that the National High School Rodeo Championships were in town and so all prices had been hiked up. As we moaned to the receptionist a guy overheard the conversation and offered us to stay at his house!

We accompanied Steve back to his place and met his Fiancee Amber who kindly showed us to our room. We had actually arrived on a night where Steve was hosting a BBQ for his employees of his Mining Company. We enjoyed a great night meeting all the guys and drinking too much! Thanks to you both for putting us up and making us feel so welcome in your new home.


  1. Kris, your beenie sure fits in with that crowd! We met a couple from Scotland the other night in Browning Montana,he sure was hard to understand.Keep up the fun.

  2. looks like ur having a blast along with lot's of blessings...yippie

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