Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 43 St Paul/Minneapolis - The Twin Cities to Carver Park Recreation Area

Thursday 1st July
Daily mileage 35miles Average Speed 9.9mph Ride Time 3hr32min
Total Mileage 1531

We got up for breakfast at 7.30am just as Irv returned from the shop with fresh bagels. We did not end up leaving until 10am as we enjoyed a long chat over breakfast. It was tough to leave Irv and Gwen as they have been the most hospitable hosts you could ever imagine and have gone out of their way to make our stay here so welcome, we thank you so much and we would love to return the favour some day when you next visit the UK!

We were severely lacking in enthusiasm to cycle today to say the least! We decided to take a 5 mile detour into St Pauls to photograph the Capita building and the cathedral. Back down Summit Ave we crossed the Mississippi River into Minneapolis. We found out that the river actually starts in Minnesota where it is so small you can step over it but its too far north for us to visit unfortunately.

We were on a fairly busy highway for a short while until we came across a bike trail leading 30 miles out of the city and we jumped on it. It was almost as busy on the bike path to be honest but a lot more pleasant to ride as protected from the strong wind, sun and traffic. We followed the path for the entire day with a short stop under a tree for a power nap and a short break in the depot café for ice cream.

We did not have a clue which road to head out of the city on so we thought we would just keep making use of the bike path until it stopped then see where we were on the map. As long as we were heading West (ish) it was ok. Basically we will attempt to utilise any winds for the next few days, it is meant to be windy with gusts of 30mph so whatever direction it blows, that’s the way we are going!

The first campsite we came across was irresistible and despite no running water it is quiet and is based on a lovely warm lake with a swimming beach with nobody else about. We swam as our wash for tonight and as we were drying off we met 3 lads Gil, Bob and Rob who had also cycled out of the city today just for a 1 night camping trip. We got chatting and took a short ride to the local grocery store then joined them at their camp fire for a delicious grill and too many beers. We stayed up til 3am toasting marshmallows, star gazing with fire flies all around. We even saw a brave racoon that kept venturing into camp. Tonight was meant to be an early night for a long ride tomorrow but sometimes things don’t go to plan!

Oh I nearly forgot to mention I fell off my bike today! I went to stop on the bike path to read a sign and only removed my left foot from the cleat in the pedal. As my right foot was still attached I looked at the sign on my right I leant too far over and could not remove my foot in time. So I went from standing position to laying on the floor very elegantly with not even a scratch just a few bruises. This little stack provided me with an adrenalin rush that helped me reach a further 2 miles up the road to the campsite!


  1. thanks for the trivia on the Mississippi River.
    and photo's are spectacular...i hope y'all have a blast on the 4th...did ya find a place to camp with fireworks ?...KaBoOm :o)

  2. you should have found a nice bush to fall into.