Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 61 Buffalo to Big Horn National Park

Monday 19th July
Daily mileage 20miles Average Speed 6.7mph Ride Time 3hr05min
Total Mileage 2431

We had a lazy morning checking out at 10.30am and headed into town to the sports outfitters to pick up a water filter. We also did a quick supermarket sweep to ensure we had enough supplies for the mountains. On the way out of town we stopped in the National Park Information Centre and fired a million questions at them about both the Big Horns and Yellowstone. I didn’t really like any of the answers that we were given as they were all about big wildlife and even bigger up hills.

Having recovered from my anxiety attack, we set off towards the foothills of the Big Horns and basically starting tackling in granny gear the 7% gradient climb. With many a stop, some electrolyte jelly and with the wind actually behind us, we were making progress. We stopped at a creek to test out the new water filter that appears excellent but we are testing it out on Kris first as this is not really the place you want to find yourself feeling ill!

After about 16miles we came across South Fork Lodge where we stopped for coffee, iced water and fries. It was getting late and the sun had hidden itself behind a fair bit of cloud coverage so we only continued for 4 more miles before pulling off the highway onto Sour Dough Creek which had been highly recommended to us as a great wild camping spot. We set up tent right by the creek and barley stuck a toe in as the water was freezing and it was starting to get chilly.

We watched two movies in the tent and hung the food back in a tree the other side of the creek. Unfortunately, the only wildlife we have seen so far today is a deer. We are now quite high up and in amongst the mountains which have been really pretty. We are camping in a valley with pine trees all around, and Kris is in his element being out in the wilderness with nobody else around.

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  1. i'd be granny "walking" up them thar mountains