Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 62 Big Horn National Park to Ten Sleep

Tuesday 20th July
Daily mileage 48miles Average Speed 11.8mph Ride Time 4hr04min
Total Mileage 2479

We packed up tent and managed to have some breakfast as the food bag was thankfully still in the tree this morning. It rained a few times last night but we did not hear any other wildlife. We got on the road at 9am and started climbing again immediately. After the initial long 7% climb yesterday we then had a series of up and downs where we had to cross 4 creeks. These made it quite tough as you feel great to make it to the top then you just want to stay there, not go back down again as you know there is another incline lurking round the corner!
After the 4 creeks we actually levelled out a bit and there were more rolling hills for nearly 15miles. It was a more pleasant temperature as we were high enough for it to be quite fresh and there was enough cloud to stop the sun beating on us too hard. The wind had turned to be in our face but it was not too strong and we were protected from it by the pines and high peaks all around.
We stopped at a Mountain View that was simply awe inspiring. It took your breath away and if it was not for all the mosquitoes we could have stayed staring at it all day! We had one more significant climb up to the pass at 9,666ft! We stopped for photos and to absorb the surroundings when we were given water, soda, chewy bars, more water and $70 of donations by 3 couples that we got chatting to at the summit. Thanks so much to all of you!
We set off on the descent but only made it 1mile before we had another climb! That was not the plan! However, at the top of that climb we saw a sign for an 18mile descent! Excellent! With a quick check of the brakes and after putting on a jacket we braced ourselves for an almighty down hill! With Kris zooming off I meandered down and we both enjoyed every minute despite experiencing cramp in my fingers from braking so much! We stopped at every other turn in the road for another picture as the scenery was just spectacular.
There were rivers, massive towering cliffs, pine valleys and lakes, good stuff. We stopped in Deer Have Lodge for a coffee and pie and ice cream and had a nice chat with Noel our waitress and petted Earl the gorgeous puppy. As we rolled right to the bottom our ears had popped and we were roasting as the temperature was now back in the 90’s but at least the mosquitoes had hidden for a bit!
We stopped in Ten Sleep at the convenience store for a drink and considered what to do next, do we continue and if so where to? We decided to camp here instead and as we put up the tent we met a fellow cycle tourist Philip who is camping next to us and has also come from New York and left the same time as us, how random. As we sit here chilling I think to myself, America should have named these the ’Huge Great Big Horns’.

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  1. How fun! My parents where one of those couples you met at the summit. They were very impressed by you two and passed the url of your blog around to the family. Have fun, good luck and be safe!

  2. Hi Al & Kris

    What an adventure. Think this is the best one so far?

    How come you didn't go to the rodeo - you gotta go to a rodeo if you're in the Wild West.

    Don't know how you are managing all of those cycling miles, I couldn't even do the 9 miles from Culverstone to Gravesend without getting a lift home!

    Hats off to ya babes

    Auntie Kay, Seamus, Dell & Madge xxxx

  3. Yes indeed, the views in the mountains are to die for . You got up much higher than we did! Aren't the clouds so much fluffier at altitude?
    Enjoy yourselves.

  4. oh boy ! sometimes those steep downhills are scarier than the climb...unbelievable views...

  5. Hey there troupers! Can't believe you hit 40/mi./hr. that is astonishing! Those pictures are really fun. Keep up the good cycling! Hugs from Helen in Sunny and HOT Florida.

  6. Hi Folks, I'm Al who met you at Powder River Pass, Elev. 9666. It was good to talk with you about your adventure.

    Check out this Kayak adventure that I mentioned that day. It's at www.portagetoportage.com and not at XXX.blogspot.com as I told you.

    Best wishes to you as you enjoy Yellowstone Park. Look out for the bears and buffalo.