Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 51 Chamberlain to Murdo

Friday 9th July
Daily mileage 77miles Average Speed 10.27mph Ride Time 7hr32min
Total Mileage 1992

We set a new record today by getting up before sunrise so that as we sipped coffee from the gas station as the sun came out, we started cycling. It was about 6.30am and we wanted to get an early start as our nice side road had disappeared for the first 10 miles today so we had no choice but to ride on the main interstate 90 for a while and thought it would be best done early to avoid unnecessary traffic.

As it turned out despite being the main motorway it was very quiet and we had no problems. As we left Chamberlain we crossed the bridge over the Missouri River which involved a steep decline and a long sloping incline on the other side. We realised we had not really come across hills for a long time. At Reliance we made it back onto highway 16 which was extremely quiet and we plodded our way through Kennebec, Presho, Vivian and Draper before arriving in Murdo.

We had short regular stops all day in gas stations and we were desperate for all of them. We can set our minds on stopping in 13miles at Draper for example only to find out there is nothing there, no shop or shelter so we then have to carry on a further 10miles to Murdo in the heat and with little water and no feeling in your bum. After a whole days riding and the goal post changes on you it really messes you up! It was 94 degrees Fahrenheit today with a South West 10mph headwind. This was really, really tough and we both struggled pretty much all day. The afternoon showed us a slightly hillier terrain which I think we need to start getting used to. Also there were millions of grass hoppers all over the road! It was very hard to avoid them and as we cycled along they jumped everywhere with many of them taking a free ride on our bikes and our various body parts!

We are trying really hard to make it to Rapid City as soon as possible so that we can enjoy a tour of the black hills and a couple of days off. The headwind and heat made today extremely tough and when we arrived in Murdo we found the cheapest mama and papas motel that is extremely dated but it has a hot shower and two queen size beds, we will sleep well tonight for more of the same tomorrow! Don’t get me wrong the scenery is breathtaking and set to get even more breathtaking and much of the trip has been unforgettable but it has been a real challenge so far. Just watching le tour de france on tv and learned that their bikes weigh as much as my roll mat!

Kris’ bit.
Hello everyone and first of all I thought I would tell you my bum is really sore today. I want to follow on from yesterdays input. Therefore, once you are at your desk and making the daily17,000 revolutions with your feet you have to sporadically throw sand and dust into the fan so that it represents the muck being kicked up by oncoming cars. Also, make sure you have a tanning lamp shinning on your back throughout the duration of the day. Oh, I nearly forgot, eat a few bugs for lunch. I tend to pull out several bugs from my beard most days! On your way home you must pop into a gas station for food and take it straight to the tent in the garden. With no shower, burnt skin, dull food and a mosquito ridden tent you can now sleep only to wake and do it all again tomorrow!


  1. Hello to you both,

    Kris you sound as happy as ever, well done for taking my advice on the blog though Bearryman. Remember to send me the details for that hotel. Keep going and enjoy it.


  2. i hope you run across the biggest, coldest ice cream truck...ever :o)

  3. Kris what every you are going though its nothing compeared to our office and the only company you have is janice. oh well we cant have all the luck . hope things get better soon.