Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 57 Rapid City to Beulah

Thursday 15th July
Daily mileage 68miles Average Speed 12mph Ride Time 5hr38min
Total Mileage 2232

We had a lovely breakfast with Doug before setting off at 8.30am. We made our way through the city and on to Sturgis Road which is a small quiet service road that parallels the interstate all the way to Sturgis. The route was relatively flat and went quite quickly.

We carried on to Spearfish on the service road as much as possible but had to hop on the interstate for some sections of the ride. We carried on to Beulah where we crossed the state border from South Dakota to Wyoming, our 8th State so far.
Today the road was forever changing from flat to hilly and from dirt roads to the interstate but the weather was consistently hot and sunny and it was quite a pleasurable scenic route following the outskirts of the black hills through the valley.

As we arrived in Beulah the wind had picked up and was directly in our face and we had run out of energy and water. Despite a nice comfy bed and two days off the bike the sightseeing and social events had taken their toll and we showered, watched a movie in the tent and was asleep by 8.30pm.

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  1. zzZZZ zzzzZZZZ zzzzZ sleep well :o)