Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 44 Carver Park Recreation Area to Silver Lake

Friday 2nd July
Daily mileage 27miles Average Speed 11.2mph Ride Time 2hr24min
Total Mileage 1558

After such a late night we slept well and had a lay in until 10am! We only made it out of the tent then because the sun was beaming on the tent and we were roasting inside. We were sweaty, stunk of the fire smoke, were covered in mossie bites and were still very tired so we made a headline for the lake to cool off, relieve the itching and wake up! It did the trick and we packed up, covered ourselves in sun cream and hit the road.

We headed west on highway 7 all day, there was a decent hard shoulder but the traffic was busy and the wind was battering us from the south at 10-20mph with gusts of 30mph. Although it was not a headwind it was tough just to stay balanced. We stopped for a few pit stops for a cool drink in gas stations and I even fell asleep at the counter in BP, I know I can fall asleep anywhere but that’s ridiculous!

Kris was lagging just the same with a headache from consuming more beer than water yesterday so when we came across Silver Lake at 4pm which had a cheap motel we checked in, showered and slept, just what the doctor ordered! The winds are set to continue for a few days yet and thunderstorms will replace the soaring temperatures but we shall have to knuckle down with the cycling over the July 4th weekend and hopefully we will feel recuperated after tonight.


  1. come on alison...don't let me down girl... NO falling asleep, NO falling off your

  2. Christine Smith3 July 2010 at 18:50

    you guys are amazing! keep it up! sure you dont want to come say hi to me in San Francisco when you are done? Its not THAT far!? LOl!